2SG Solutions, a strategic partner to industry leaders like ACI Communications, AXIOM Connectivity, FiberFox, Maxcom, Primex, Southwire, Sticklers, Technity Solutions, and Viavi Solutions, specializes in delivering cutting-edge communication solutions and innovative technology across diverse sectors.


ACI Communications innovates cutting-edge communication solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity. A trusted partner, they optimize business communication infrastructure with personalized services.


Axiom Connectivity, thriving for 25 years, is a leading network upgrades provider in North America, offering unparalleled value as The OEM Alternative® to telecom and service provider markets.


FiberFox is the premier choice in fusion splicing technology since 2012 offering fusion splicers, cleavers, thermal strippers, splice-on connectors (SOCs) and associated accessories. FiberFox’s splice lineup includes the Mini 4S+, the Mini 5C+, the Mini 6S+ and the Mini 12R+.


Maxcom Corporation pioneers innovation in telecommunication solutions. They deliver optimal connectivity for businesses and industries.


Primex, a top partner to broadband providers, builders, and installers, pioneers collaborative development in network infrastructure, rooted in plastic manufacturing expertise.

Southwire, a trailblazer in wire and cable production, drives global electrification with pioneering technologies. They empower customers across diverse industries with innovative products and services.
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MicroCare’s Sticklers excels in critical cleaning, specializing in fiber optics for diverse industries. Committed to innovation, they ensure network efficiency and optimal performance.

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Technity Solutions, a dynamic tech firm, transforms businesses with cutting-edge solutions, ensuring efficiency and growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
Viavi Solutions excels in innovative network test tech, empowering global industries. Advanced solutions ensure optimal performance in the dynamic digital landscape.