Case Studies

Viavi PathTrak RPM-3000

2SG Case Study
Company Profile

The company is one of the largest Broadband IP service providers in the United States. They currently service residential and commercial accounts within their market service areas.

Business Situation

The customer has a very large deployed base of the original JDSU PathTrak product but needed to update and enhance the system to help locate and solve more complex technical issues regarding the launch of additional digital channels and increased data usage. Furthermore, the customer already had a substantial capital investment in the original product platform and could save substantial dollars by enchaning and upgrading their existing system.

Technical Solution

Through JDSU’s extensive product migration commitments additional features where added to the PathTrak platform. Our customer quickly recognized the potential cost savings that could be realized after 2SG presented the new RPM3000 feature set for the PathTrak platform. The increase in customer satisfaction and retention was another key factor in their decision to upgrade from the RPM2000 to the RPM3000 platform.


The RPM3000 Monitoring Module allowed the customer to scan the network at a 50% higher rate which allowed them to measure transient noise as short as 1 us. Also included was an optimized QAM and spectrum analyzer on every port. In addition the platform provided DOCSIS-compliant measurements for live troubleshooting and node certification reports. With the recent introduction of the newest PathTrak PRM3000 Enhancements (MACTrak) this customer will have the ability to determine if a packet contains codeword errors and if so, why; know which impairments are corrupting data within customer modem packets; determine if linear impairments are present at the north and south test points of a tap and perform all of this using a simple dashboard format that their technicians can easily understand.

This solution increases customer satisfaction and retention by identifying problems within the digital spectrum before they are seen or noticed by the subscriber. Furthermore, the platform increases system reliability and reduces the technician’s time locating impairments by the automation of multiple test functions.

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