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ATX Networks UCrypt

2SG Case Study
Company Profile

The company is one of the largest Broadband IP service providers in the United States. They currently service residential and commercial accounts and have placed a specific emphasis on increasing their MDU and Hospitality presence.

Business Situation

The customer was facing multiple obstacles in order to service many of the hospitality businesses which are located within their service areas. Some of the obstacles included QAM to QAM/ IP / Analog & IP to QAM / IP conversions. Other obstacles were servicing the businesses by offering a solution that can be used with Pro:Idiom® technology.

Technical Solution

2SGtech was able to partner the customer with ATX Networks for multiple solutions. ATX’s fully integrated digital video insertion line of products (DVIS®) was ideal for the hotel analog content agreements where content is only available in digital format; and deleting and reinserting security camera video or implementing a delete and reinsert function. The UCrypt® product offering helped the customer to deliver content into hospitality and bulk accounts directly from the HFC plant without the use of set-top boxes. The UCrypt® products enable decryption of multiple HD and SD programs via cable card and outputs content in either “clear” or Pro:Idiom® encrypted format. The customer also recognized the fact that ATX Networks had the technical expertise to assist them in solving one of a kind deployment challenges.


The customer was able to acquire additional revenue by contracting with hospitality providers and MDU owner’s which were previously serviced by another provider.

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