About 2SG tech

2SG works with you, our customer, to fully understand your business goals and associated technical requirements. We then partner with our essential manufacturers to deliver the solutions that enable you to extend your business and succeed in the market.

Our Formula for Success

  • Consult

    2SG meets with the client to evaluate needs and determine how to meet their goals.

  • Supply

    We don’t sell particular lines at 2SG. We supply answers and the technology to make it happen.

  • Adjust

    Our ability to serve your needs evolves as quickly as the technology we specialize in.

  • Succeed

    We communicate so you can communicate. Success is being able to see the picture clearly.

We’re in the answer business. Let’s Communicate.


As an authorized agent for the most recognized and essential names in communication technologies, 2SG is uniquely qualified to put the right components in place for you. It’s our job to keep a careful eye on this ever-evolving industry and supply our customers with the right components for their business. It’s as much about asking questions as providing answers. Call us and start the conversation.